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What is TEB Private Investor Society?

TEB Private Investor Society is a group comprised of experienced and active investors. TEB Private Investor Society, which has been making a new investment every month since it was established with a mission to provide contributions beyond just financing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, is the world’s first international investment network under bank sponsorship, built on mutual trust established.

The most important feature of the TEB Private Investor Society that distinguishes it from any other angel networks and investor groups is that the investment opportunities taken into consideration are companies that a member has decided to make an investment in or has made an investment in. Therefore the society only considers the investments its own members make. Since the members are required to share at least one investment a year with other members or to be a partner to a shared investment, there is not sector, geographical or stage restriction on their investments.

TEB Private Investor Society, organizes meetings to gather the international members and contribute to the ecosystem outside of Istanbul as well.

The synergy, trust and instruments to new investments provided by the TEB can be considered another added value feature that distinguishes this group from other investment networks. From determining the status of enterprises and entrepreneurs to all the activities of the TEB Entrepreneur Banking; from creating a fund under the TEB Portfolio to joint ventures with BNP Paribas in the international field, the benefits provided by TEB to the Investment Society are endless.

Since TEB Private is an accredited angel network, the institution acts as an intermediary to members in obtaining a BKY license and contrary to other networks, demands no extra fees from its members. This select group can only be joined through a reference from the TEB Private Investor Society Member Committee and the unanimous vote of all members.

Yatırımcı Kulübü
Yatırımcı Kulübü
Yatırımcı Kulübü


TEB Private Investor Society has included many angel investors that have made a number of investments in enterprises in the Silicon Valley with the intention of utilizing the investments in Silicon Valley and providing members in Turkey with international experience.


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